Nut butter sandwiches


This one can be put together in a flash!!! Particularly good for when you are craving something nice because… well it is nice!! Always satisfies my sweet tooth without going off track.

Cashew butter sandwiched between pieces of 70% dark chocolate. It’s a simple as that!! (any nut butter will do…Cashew is my fav)

Meridian peanut butter is the healthiest.


The chocolate I like to use is either moser roth from Aldi or Tesco’s finest peruvian chocolate, both 70%. I find the peruvian bar ideal for this snack as the slices are perfect size. 4 slices are a good snack with nut butter in-between.



Another nice, easy and convenient snack that involves dark chocolate is strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate. (70% or over) Curbing the sugar craving… yum!!!



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