Healthy snacks

It can be hard to come up with healthy snacks. Bites that keep you going during the day, in-between main meal. It’s so important to mix it up and not let your snacks get boring. Having a handful of nuts isn’t all that exciting or appetising ALL OF THE TIME and we can get fairly fed up…fairly quickly… and we all know what that means… reaching for that quick sugar fix. As always planning is key. Whether its a pre or post work out snack, late evening/bedtime snack or lunchbox filler, hopefully there will be something in here to suit everyone.



Nut butter sandwiches

This one can be put together in a flash!!! Particularly good for when you are craving something nice because… well it is nice!! Always satisfies my sweet tooth without going off track.

Cashew butter sandwiched between pieces of 70% dark chocolate. It’s a simple as that!! (any nut butter will do…Cashew is my fav)

Meridian peanut butter is the healthiest.

The chocolate I like to use is either moser roth from Aldi or Tesco’s finest peruvian chocolate, both 70%. I find the peruvian bar ideal for this snack as the slices are perfect size. 4 slices  are a good snack with nut butter in-between. ❤


Strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate. (70% or over) Curbing the sugar craving


Banana and peanut butter wrap bites

  • Spread approx 1 tbsp of peanut butter or nut butter onto a wholemeal wrap.
  • (If this snack is just for one person I would advice cutting the wrap in half)
  • Add a whole banana and wrap up tightly.





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