Banana & peanut butter wrap bites



These cute little energy wrap bites are the perfect snack. They only take minutes to prepare and are a nice healthy snack to have with a cup of herbal tea in the evening! They are the ideal pick me up for the 3 o’clock slump; instead of reaching for that chocolate bar or pack of crisps before dinner. (We’ve all been there) They have all the goodness of peanuts, which are an excellent source of protein and healthy monounsaturated fats and your getting a fruit in too!! Banana topped with peanut butter is delicious on its own and is hands down one of my favourite snacks. Wrapping both of these in a wholemeal wrap just makes your snack more substantial and filling 🙂

Heres how to make the energy wrap bites:

  • Spread approx 1 tbsp of peanut butter or nut butter onto a wholemeal wrap. (If this snack is just for one person I would advice cutting the wrap in half)
  • Add a whole banana and wrap up tightly.
  • IMG_2122-2IMG_2123IMG_2128
  • Cut into slices and pop a cocktail stick into each to secure it!
  • YUM!!

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