Banana & almond pancakes


This has to be my most favourite breakfast EVER. I have an extremely sweet tooth and would actually have sweets or chocolate… first thing in the morning… for breakfast… for lunch… and dinner… IF I COULD GET AWAY WITH IT!!!! Anyway, having these pancakes for breakfast almost tricks my sweets cravings into thinking I’m having a treat when infact its ALL GOOD 🙂

So heres what you’ll need to get these little pieces of yumminess onto your plate:

•2 eggs
•1 banana
•1tbsp ground almonds (or unsweetened desiccated coconut)
•coconut oil


How to make them:

  • Blend eggs, banana & ground almonds in a blender
  • Heat pan to a medium heat
  • Add coconut oil to the pan
  • Pour mixture onto the pan & cook both sides until golden
  • Serve with yoghurt & berries, with some nut butter or simply with a drizzle of honey.

I’ve played around with a few different versions of this recipe and find that this one is a perfect portion for 1 person. With a mini frying pan it makes 3 pancakes, which for me is very filling, especially if you have them with yoghurt and berries. 3 eggs will yield 4 small pancakes. With a regular size pan you will get 2 medium size pancakes. Another variation is to add some blueberries into the batter… YUM!




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